Saturday, October 20, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Hey everydoggy! I'm back! I was terrified that I was going to get in trouble with the PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ for not blogging in FOREVER! It's not my fault. Really, Mommy and Daddy should be punished because they left me again to go to one of my favorite places ... Tennessee! How dare they not take me with them? They say I get to go next time, but honestly, doesn't everybody think I should get to go every time?!?! At least my good friend Terri took really good care of me while they were gone.

It has snowed all day today! Not just in the mountains either ... the valleys, too! There wasn't a lot at my house, per say, but I did have to go outside in it, and let me just say that it was cold! Mommy and Daddy went to Snowbird Ski Resort and hiked around in it. I think they're crazy. I stayed snuggly warm inside! I will post pictures later. We keep getting error messages when we try to upload a photo. I told Mommy maybe the computer just forgot how to do it since she hasn't used it in so long!!!

Newton ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's getting cooler in Utah, everydoggy! That means that in a few weeks, we'll probably see snow in the Rockies. Last year it snowed on Sept. 22. Daddy keeps up with this kind of stuff because he's a snowboarder. I guess you can call Mommy a skiier, but mostly she just tumbles down the mountain. Last year, she took out a portable fence on the bunny slope and almost got knocked out by the chair lift!!!! Poor Mommy.

It was so cold last Sunday night that we had to put two heaters on the deck to enjoy the outdoors! I, myself, love heaters and want to stand as close to them as possible. But Mommy won't let me get too close. She's afraid I'll singe my whiskers off! Here are a few pictures of us wrapped up in our winter clothes ...

This is me next to the heater. It's so warm and toasty, especially with my blue, fleece jacket on. Santa Pug brought that to me last year for Christmas!

That's me and Mommy. Notice she is wearing her fleece pullover, too. Hey! When we're together like that, we're wearing University of Florida colors! I'll have to remind Mommy that we cannot wear our fleece at the same time. We are, after all, still Tennessee Volunteers, even after our ugly, ugly, ugly loss to Florida last weekend. Congrats to all the Gators out there, though! Ya'll looked great! Go SEC!

It did a lot of this last weekend, too. We needed it ... it's been very dry, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Is there anything worse than having to poop in the rain?! (In answer to my own question, yes, there is something worse ... pooping in the snow!)

This is my favorite spot to be when it's raining! Comfy, cozy in a warm bed!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Great to be a Tennessee Vol!

I know. I know. My beloved Tennessee Vols lost to the California Golden Bears Saturday 45-31, but Mommy says I can't be a fair-weathered pug. So, here I am, publicly announcing my trust in the Big Orange. Besides, who wouldn't love Tennessee? The mascot is, of course, a dog, a blue-tick coonhound named Smokey! He's much better than a stinkin' bear!!

Here are a few pictures of a game Mommy and Daddy went to a couple of years ago. I have been begging for a Tennessee jersey, but I haven't gotten one yet ... something about me needing to lose weight. Once I heard that diet word again, I decided I'd lay off the jersey talk for a while!

Neyland Stadium ... look at all that orange!!

The Power T!

That's the Communications Building right across from the stadium. Mommy says she spent a lot of time there. That was pre-me, though.

The Pride of the Southland Marching Band ... look at that pawsome Power T formation!

And here come our Tennessee Volunteers! (That's Mommy's favorite part!)

To end this football post, I'll leave you with the chorus of Rocky Top ... Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me. Good ol' Rocky Top. Woo! Rocky Top, Tennessee, Rocky Top, Tennessee!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pug in a Tub!

I know that many of my doggie pals hate bathtime, so this is very embarrassing for me to admit. I LOVE IT! I surprised Mommy Sunday by trying to jump in while she was running the tub. Actually, I was trying to do a cannonball and splash her, but she caught me before I hit the water. Oh well, maybe next time!

This is my "Is is really almost over?" look. Luckily, it wasn't. This was just the shampoo. Mommy always puts a little conditioner on top of my head just for good measure. I make fun of Mommy sometimes for some of the things she does, but the woman certainly knows how to make bathtime great!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tagged by Duke and Gidget!

Before I answer Duke and Gidget's questions, I should say I wanted to title this post, "I'm Back, Part II." Mommy wouldn't let me because she is SO embarrassed for having ignored me this week. She and Daddy suede painted the entryway, and mostly I had to stay out of the way ... something about my hair getting in the paint. I think it makes a great addition to the walls, gives it some texture, but they oftentimes don't agree with my decorating suggestions. So, after giving my world famous pout, Mommy decided to give me a jumbone. This made me sick, and I was up all night with an upset stomach. I'm much better now, and Mommy is tired of home improvement projects, so we are back to blogging!

So on to the tag!

1. Where is your favorite place to sleep?

In the bed, of course. I have a specific nightly routine. Around 9 or 9:30, I start barking at the bed. This is Mommy and Daddy's bedtime cue. Once they hoist me up, I start at the end of the bed, chewing on my loofah puppy. I then squish my way in between Mommy and Daddy, where I must have butt scratches. Then, I wiggle my way under the covers to the very bottom of the bed. Mommy doesn't know how I breathe under there, but I love it.

2. Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats?

Mommy laughed when she saw this question. Mostly I get treats for just being cute, but sometimes she makes me sit and shake. It took me five years to learn this shaking business, but I'm good at it now. She doesn't even have to tell me anymore. I just go ahead and do it. This adds to my cuteness, and I usually get an extra treat for it. Mommy has a video of this somewhere, she says, but we haven't figured out how to post that, yet.

3. If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone, what would it be and who would it be with?

Mommy and Daddy, of course. One of my favorite things I've done since we moved to Utah was hike at Antelope Island State Park. We had such a great time. I was the lead hiker, of course, showing Mommy and Daddy which way to go and how to manuever around the rocks. It was PAWSOME. I would definitely do that again! Here's a picture of us at the top of Buffalo Point. Yes! There are real buffalo there. We try to stay far away from them. You guys thought the Saint Bernard was a giant? You should see these things!

4. What is your favorite toy?

LOOFAH PUPPY! Here's a picture of my first loofah. I got him for Christmas last year. I honestly don't know how I lived so long without it. Of course, now I'm on my fourth or fifth loofah because I love dissecting them. I've posted instructions on how to do that, but just in case anydoggy missed it, here is the link.

5. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would go back to the horrible day earlier this year when I took a gigantic leap off Mommy and Daddy's bed. I really, really hurt my back that day. I had to go the doctor, and he insisted I be sedated and x-rayed. This was terrifying. Mommy had to leave me there, and she's NEVER left me at the vet by myself before. I'm OK now. I have to take supplements every day to help strengthen my bones, but that's not so bad. The bad part is Mommy is paranoid now. She freaks out if I do the occasional sprint around the house, and she's really scared to take me on hikes, which, as I mentioned above, I love. So I would definitely go back to that day and not jump off the bed.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Toy!

For Daddy, although I'm pretty excited about it, too. I mean, there's absolutely nothing worse than having to jungle through long, wet grass to find my favorite bathroom spot. Plus, it gets my belly all gross and, like I've said before, I'm an extremely clean pug, so I have to spend hours afterward bathing.

Now Daddy enjoys mowing the grass, so I shouldn't have to worry about it ever again! Here's some pictures of us on the new thing called a "Riding Lawnmower."

Doesn't Daddy look happy! He even let Mommy ride the new lawnmower around the yard a couple of times. I didn't witness this. I heard her screaming, though, when Daddy snuck up behind her and pushed the gear into full speed!

Enough of the picture taking! Let's get going!

Oh! One more thing before I go! My grandma FINALLY got a computer, so I wanted to give her a shout out. She's still getting the hang of this e-mail thing, but at least now she can see all of my pictures! Welcome to the 21st Century, Nanny! Just so you can put a face with a name, here's a picture from when she visited us last summer.

Til' next time,
Newton :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back, everydoggy! After Mommy and Daddy got back from the desert, our Internet went down. They swore I did something to it while they were gone, but really I didn't. I threw a couple of parties that I hope they don't find out about, but I didn't turn on the computer once. Maybe that crazy terrier I invited over did. The important thing is it's working now, and I'm able to catch up on what everyone's been doing.

Remember when I said Mommy and Daddy would feel bad for leaving me for four days? I was right, and they've been taking me everywhere they can. We went to the Snowbasin Jazz Fest and a pug meetup! I had a great time at both, so I thought I'd share some pictures with ya'll.

This is me intently listening to the jazz. The song was "Georgia on my Mind." I loved it because it was about a Southern state, and as ya'll know, I'm a Southern pug. Mommy says it's OK to like other Southern states when it's not football season. During football season, however, Georgia is a BAD WORD!

Oh yeah! I was lovin' the jazz!

Joe McQueen and Friends ... They were pawsome!

The pug meet-up minus the Saint Bernard monster! I actually enjoyed myself this time, and none of Mommy's possessions got peed on!

Getting some exercise ... if I exercise, maybe Mommy will start giving me my daily dose of Snausages again.

This was a 12-week-old little pug, and he was full of energy. Mommy and Daddy tried to get me to play with him, but I just wasn't too sure, as you can tell by my tail!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I’ve Been Tagged!

Hi everydoggy! My pal Duke tagged me and asked me to list five things I would put in a time capsule for the benefit of future Dogs. I am SO excited. I’ve never been tagged before! So here goes:

Five things I would put in a time capsule:

1. First and foremost, I would include a loofah puppy. It’s my favorite toy, but I don’t mind sacrificing the one I have now because it’s getting a little yucky. I go through about one a month, so it’s about time for a new one. I also have a feeling Mommy and Daddy will feel so bad about leaving me while they go on vacation that I’ll get a new toy anyway!

2. Second, I will leave instructions on how to properly dissect loofah puppy. Start off by ripping the squeaker out his nose. This usually results in a lot of fuzz. Mommy hates this part because she has to finish pulling the fuzz out of loofah puppy’s head before giving it back to me. I then rip his eyes and ears off before moving to the second squeaker. Once I have successfully ripped it out, Mommy puts loofah puppy in the big can in the kitchen because she can’t handle fuzz all over the house. Shortly thereafter, she comes home with a new one for me!

3. Third, I will leave a comfy blanket. I can give one up since I have so many. Every pug needs a soft, comfy blanket to sleep with, carry around the house and eat. Now, which one do I give up? The green one … no, that’s my favorite. The white one … no, that’s my favorite. Oh well, maybe I’ll give you one of Mommy’s.

4. Fourth, I will leave a bag of Snausages. Not mine, of course. Mommy will have to buy some especially for the time capsule. There’s no way I’m giving up my Snausages.

5. And last but not least, I would put my Puppia in the time capsule. It has given me enough trouble already, what with the diet and everything.

I will have to tag others next week when Mommy gets back from some place called Las Vegas. She says I type too slowly, and she wants to hug and kiss on me before she leaves! Talk to everydoggy next week!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something's Rotten in the State of Utah

This is me in Mommy's X-terra. I was trying to stow away, but they caught me.

Something's going on here in Utah, everydoggy. Mommy and Daddy have brought out the green bags. I know from experience that this means they're going somewhere. Sadly, I do not see the red bag, which is mine. They have been trying to sneak around and put their clothes into their bags, but Daddy has taught me various ninja skills so I see all.

While I'm a little distraught over this, I was happy to see my friend Terri come over tonight. I have a feeling that she is going to be taking care of me while Mommy and Daddy are on vacation, and this is GREAT news! She LOVES animals. I was so excited when she came over that I did circles, and I even did my trick for her.

So guys and gals that means I won't be blogging until next week. I hope everybody has a great weekend, and I'll see ya again soon!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cross Country Pug

I helped drive. Daddy needed a break after the first two days!

Yep! St. Louis!

The Missouri state line. It wasn't too cold here. If we only knew what we'd hit the next day in Cheyenne!

This is Mommy directly across the Utah state line. Check out her new snow boots. After the episode in Cheyenne, she refused to go any further without proper winter attire. Seriously. She locked herself in the hotel bathroom for hours!

We really are in this picture! You just can't see us!
About a year-and-a-half ago, Mommy, Daddy, and me moved across the country from Tennessee to Utah. It was a 30-hour, three-day drive. I had my moments (like in Cheyenne when I refused to walk in the snow and tried to drag Mommy back to the hotel and she slipped and bumped her head in the parking lot), but for the most part it was pretty fun. We saw lots of new places, and Mommy made us stop at every state sign to take pictures! I thought I'd post a few from our trip!

Newton, The Travelin' Pug

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Proof is in the Puppia

At first I didn't know what to do with this and Mommy thought it was another repeat of the beef stroganoff incident, but once I got a taste, I just couldn't stop!

I don't know why Mommy fed me out of this pink bowl. I prefer my "Good Dog" bowl with bones on it. Oh well. I guess it's what's inside the bowl that counts, right?

Well, everydoggy, there's no denying it now. The postman brought the dreaded red, XL Puppia in the mail, and it fit much better than the L. I tried to persuade Mommy that XL means "extra lovable," but she would just not have it. (She's smart that way.) I am now on a "diet" and to make things worse, she and Daddy ordered pizza this weekend. Yes! Pizza! With pepperoni!!! My favorite! Daddy tried to sneak me a bite, but Mommy went nuts!

The one good thing to come of this was she did make me some Frosty Paws, as promised. I can always count on Mommy to come through. It was like eating food from Heaven. I've never had anything so wonderful. I could go on and on; instead I'll post some pictures of me enjoying the tasty treat. Mommy even had to take it away from me at one point because I was snarfing it down so fast! She was afraid I was going to get puggy brain freeze!

Thanks again, Gidget for the recipe! Frosty Paws RULE!!!!!!

Sportin' my new Puppia (and lookin' good I might add),

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Diet?!? Did Somebody Say Diet?!?

Boy, I wish this thing had never come in the mail!!!!!

This is me after I heard the "D" word!

For all you Puppia wearers out there, do they run small? Please, please tell me they run small. Or maybe Puppia just labeled the size wrong. Maybe it wasn't a large. Maybe it was really a small! Yeah, that's it. It's gotta be. Despite what my Mommy and my doctor say, I am not overweight. I mean, just look at me. I'm a muscular, fine-looking' pug!

I gotta tell you guys and gals ... I'm really afraid of what this means. Mommy has already cut back on the amount of Snausages I get daily, and I've been noticing that she doesn't fill the food scoop up to the top like she used to. Have any of you other pugs been on what they call a "diet?" If so, how horrible is it? I need to prepare myself for the upcoming food disappointments!

Exchanging my L Puppia for an XL,

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Award!!!!!

Here it is! My very first "official" award! Mommy calls me "Top Dog" all the time, but she's kinda biased! She's very proud of me for being a "Rockin' Guy." Thanks Duke!!!!

Rock on!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nice to Meet Everyone!

Wow! I've only been blogging for a couple of days now, and I've already met some great dogs. Mommy and I can't wait to read everybody's blogs more closely tonight. Thanks to everybody who left comments and a BIG thanks to Duke and Gidget for the shout-out!

And to answer ya'lls question, no I didn't ride the monster Saint Bernard. In fact, I didn't even get too close to him. I was afraid he'd get slobber all over me, and I happen to be a very clean pug. Ask Mommy. I'm a cleaning fool. Anyway, he snuck up behind me at one point, and Mommy and Daddy decided it would be funny to snap a picture. All in all, he was a pretty nice guy ... from what I could tell from afar. He didn't mind us pugs at all. He didn't even growl at us once. If he had've, it probably would have caused the earth to shake.

And for all you pugs out there who offered encouragement for my next pug meet-up, thanks! I'm going to need it. After all, I'll be working hard to protect Mommy's personal items from pug pee!

(Hi everybody! This is Amy, Newton's Mommy. I just wanted to interject and say that Newton wasn't afraid of Saint Bernard drool. He was just afraid of the Saint Bernard! Don't let him fool you!) :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

My First Pug Meet-Up

This is me. Not quite happy to be there, but I'm hanging in!
This is the GIANT I was talking about!!!!
This pug wanted to be my friend. She was cute and all, but I'm still kinda shy!
Mommy thought this was a good idea. I thought she was hot, too, so I splashed her real good before I jumped out! Oh! That's the purse that got peed on!

The Low-Down on the Pug Meet-Up!
Well, Mommy and Daddy succeeded in fooling me this weekend. Here I thought I was going for a little ride, and I wound up in a dog park. I don't know how this happened. It was a disaster from the get go. I walked in and got rushed by tons of pugs. I turned around to go back, but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me out of the gate. I was trapped. Then, this ginormous monster walked up to me and nearly gave me a heart attack. I later found out it was a Saint Bernard, whatever that is. It certainly isn't a dog.

Mommy got paid back, though! A spry little pug peed all over her purse. Daddy says it was her fault for leaving it on the ground in a dog park. I think it was sweet revenge.

I hear we're going back in August. Mommy's a glutton for punishment, I guess. She loved it so much, though, that I might try to enjoy myself next time. I might even try to protect her purse. It depends on how many Snausages I get this month!

Talk to ya'll later!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

What a Wonderful World

Hi everybody and everydoggy! My name is Newton. Well, at least I think that's my real name. My Mommy and Daddy call me all sorts of funny things. My favorite, though, is Bubba Pug. It shows my roots. I am Tennessee through and through, but now I live in Utah. I like it here, OK, although I do miss the Smoky Mountains and visiting my grandma (she was all the time slipping me the good stuff under the table--sausage, turkey, eggs, vanilla ice cream, everything but the kitchen sink really, although I would've tried that too if it had gravy poured over it). The white stuff in the winter took some getting used to, but I like it now. In fact, I'll race through it just to see how much of it I can kick on Mommy. She's still getting used to it; I just thought I'd help speed up the process. Sometimes she thinks she doesn't need my help. I know she does, so I just keep on doing it! It's summertime now, and Mommy and Daddy won't let me go out too much. It's been over 100 degrees for the past couple of days, so I stay in and do what I do best ... nap. There's the early morning nap, the late morning nap, the early afternoon nap, the mid afternoon nap, etc. What can I say? It's a wonderful world!