Thursday, November 20, 2008

The vet who performed my back surgery...

Hi everydoggy,

A very nice, concerned lady has asked me about the vet who performed my back surgery. Here is a link to his Web site ... His phone number and location can be found there. Mommy and Daddy really liked him. I guess I would have to say I did, too, because I can now feel my back legs, although the whole experience was NOT pleasant! I am very grateful, though, for everything he did for me. 

Puggy snorts,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad, bad blogger!

After much harassment from me, Mommy finally got un-lazy and started blogging again. Although we've been away for a while, we've been checking up on all our friends. 

In Mommy's defense, she hasn't felt up to blogging lately. Want to hear why?! I'm getting a little sister! No, not a four-legged one ... a two-legged one! That's right, pugs. Mommy is going to have a little human baby. Her belly just keeps growing and growing, and she's tired a lot. 

This is Mommy. She's about 8 months pregnant here. 

I didn't quite understand it at first, and Mommy had to keep patiently explaining why I couldn't jump all over her anymore. I get it now, though, so I just quietly lay next to her belly on the couch. It's my job to keep little Lila (that's going to be her name) warm and snuggly. I've also been trying to teach Lila that I'm here to protect her by barking loudly whenever the doorbell rings. Mommy says to bark away because the more she hears it now, the less scared she'll be of me when she gets here in a few weeks (she's due November 26 ... the day before Thanksgiving)!

This is me supervising the putting together of Lila's crib. I had to be on alert and make sure Daddy and Mommy built it correctly.

Now that we've got the big news out of the way, I wanted to update you on my back problems and Mommy's eye surgery. Good news is we're both doing fabulous. Occasionally, I limp on my right leg, but I have regained all feeling and am my happy go lucky self again! And Mommy's eyesight is 20/20, and unlike others experience sometimes with LASIK, she is not having any dry eye symptoms! Yahoo! 

I promise to keep everyone updated on my little sister. Mommy promises to help, too!

Till next time,
Big Brother Newton       

P.S. Look at this new toy Daddy got for me. It's a snow blower. It means I will no longer have to trailblaze a path through the snow this winter. Daddy will be able to do it for me!!