Thursday, August 13, 2009


Have you puggies noticed that it has been almost nine months since I've posted anything? It's all this cute little thing's fault:

Yep, that's my new little two-legged sister, although right now she only walks on all fours. Admittedly, I was terrified of her at first. She was LOUD! Mommy said it wasn't her fault; she had cowlick. I couldn't believe Mommy let a cow lick her. She is, after all, very protective of her.

(That's colic, Newton, not cowlick. It means she had terrible gas. You should know something about that, you stinky little pug! :) -Mommy)

Anyway, the COLIC made her scream for hours at a time, which interrupted my 23-hour sleep regimen. I could even hear her all the way downstairs, so I tried hiding under the futon, but that didn't even work. That lasted a couple of months, and it was pretty miserable. She still screams, but now it's because she's happy. I'm still not quite sure about her, so I keep my distance. Sometimes she sneaks in a pet, like she did here on the fourth of July:

I'm warming up to her a little bit. I especially like it when she and Mommy chase me around the coffee table. I guess she's pretty OK, as long as she stays away from my loofahs!!

Pug hugs,