Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's getting cooler in Utah, everydoggy! That means that in a few weeks, we'll probably see snow in the Rockies. Last year it snowed on Sept. 22. Daddy keeps up with this kind of stuff because he's a snowboarder. I guess you can call Mommy a skiier, but mostly she just tumbles down the mountain. Last year, she took out a portable fence on the bunny slope and almost got knocked out by the chair lift!!!! Poor Mommy.

It was so cold last Sunday night that we had to put two heaters on the deck to enjoy the outdoors! I, myself, love heaters and want to stand as close to them as possible. But Mommy won't let me get too close. She's afraid I'll singe my whiskers off! Here are a few pictures of us wrapped up in our winter clothes ...

This is me next to the heater. It's so warm and toasty, especially with my blue, fleece jacket on. Santa Pug brought that to me last year for Christmas!

That's me and Mommy. Notice she is wearing her fleece pullover, too. Hey! When we're together like that, we're wearing University of Florida colors! I'll have to remind Mommy that we cannot wear our fleece at the same time. We are, after all, still Tennessee Volunteers, even after our ugly, ugly, ugly loss to Florida last weekend. Congrats to all the Gators out there, though! Ya'll looked great! Go SEC!

It did a lot of this last weekend, too. We needed it ... it's been very dry, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Is there anything worse than having to poop in the rain?! (In answer to my own question, yes, there is something worse ... pooping in the snow!)

This is my favorite spot to be when it's raining! Comfy, cozy in a warm bed!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Great to be a Tennessee Vol!

I know. I know. My beloved Tennessee Vols lost to the California Golden Bears Saturday 45-31, but Mommy says I can't be a fair-weathered pug. So, here I am, publicly announcing my trust in the Big Orange. Besides, who wouldn't love Tennessee? The mascot is, of course, a dog, a blue-tick coonhound named Smokey! He's much better than a stinkin' bear!!

Here are a few pictures of a game Mommy and Daddy went to a couple of years ago. I have been begging for a Tennessee jersey, but I haven't gotten one yet ... something about me needing to lose weight. Once I heard that diet word again, I decided I'd lay off the jersey talk for a while!

Neyland Stadium ... look at all that orange!!

The Power T!

That's the Communications Building right across from the stadium. Mommy says she spent a lot of time there. That was pre-me, though.

The Pride of the Southland Marching Band ... look at that pawsome Power T formation!

And here come our Tennessee Volunteers! (That's Mommy's favorite part!)

To end this football post, I'll leave you with the chorus of Rocky Top ... Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me. Good ol' Rocky Top. Woo! Rocky Top, Tennessee, Rocky Top, Tennessee!